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"When you cut the western window candle, but when the Bashan night rains", "When the moon is there, ask the wine to ask the sky", "Kuan Guanyu, in the river of the continent" these ancient and famous sentences are all the ancient predecessors Newport 100S. The culture of Chinese poetry is quite profound, and I will be deeply impressed by it every time I linger. The graceful words constitute a beautiful picture that will make me unforgettable. But in the vast poetry, I am most fond of "Ai Lian said" "Ai Lian said" is done by Northern Song Dynasty poet Zhou Dunyi. This ancient text expresses the noble character of Zhou Dunyi who does not admire fame and fortune Cheap Cigarettes. When I read this ancient Chinese text, I was only at the age of six. I saw that he used the lotus to be self-evident mokingusacigarettes.com, "get out of the mud and not dye it, and lick the green lotus instead of the demon", and use the peony to learn the name of the world, and to smother the sigh. A hermit like a chrysanthemum that escapes reality in order to cleanse itself. I can't help but be curious in my heart: Isn't it like a chrysanthemum? Looking for a paradise, spend a lifetime in leisure and leisure, how beautiful? Peony is the king of flowers. Although it is a little gaudy, it can also be peaceful for a lifetime! Why do the authors prefer Ai Lian? I have some doubts in my heart, but when I was still young, I was not worried about this. I slowly forgot this little question this summer. I met "Ai Lian said" to understand the opening of the time. I don't understand, I will read the ancient poetry and look for the background of Zhou Dunyi's writing this article. Finally, I found the shadow of this text in a new book of Middle School Students' Ancient Poetry Marlboro Cigarettes. When Zhou Dunyi made this article, because of the corruption of the Northern Song Dynasty official officials, corrupt officials abound, and many people took the opportunity to seek official positions. What's more, in the face of the boss Marlboro Red, flattering. Some people who are upright, but do not have too high status, can't manage the corrupt people of the court, and they have been hermits on the mountain side. Some people who are upright, strong in character, have persuaded the emperor, but they suffered from a situation in which the emperor was not anxious and eunuch. The emperor also greeted for pleasure and ignored government affairs. These people also had no choice but to withdraw from the political arena. Zhou Dunyi is one of them. After he resigned, he shared the lotus with his friends one day. He thought of the various characteristics of the lotus. He was very similar to his own situation. He felt a big stroke and made a wave of "Ai Lian Shuo". Qing, pavilion, can be viewed from afar and can't be played..." Reading and reading, I can't help thinking about it, as if I saw Zhou Dunyi standing next to the lotus pond, watching a pool of lotus flowers, watching the blossoming lotus flower Blooming, the white snow is like snow, like a white fairy, descending from the sky, adding a delicate fragrance to the world; the red is like a plum in the snow, the top is hot and open... so a snowy white, like a red Zhou Dunyi met, and praised the lotus in my heart, and then made the "Ai Lian said". This is absolutely the same. I don't think that the sun is already in the west. This classic poem is walking along with me, my literary literacy. With subtle influences, I will once again sing classic poetry and make my writing level a new level!

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