turn makes for much more insane celebrations when

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The spongy instruments add another level of scientific difficulty, which in turn makes for much more insane celebrations when things go right. To be fair, the celebrations are already anything but tame. Nerf ball tricks shots are just the tip of the iceberg for a group that has performed in zero gravity, faced pro-skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and an assembled team on the MTV series "Fantasy Factory", and even hit a basketball trick shot from a passing blimp. This video in real time will blow your mind. The slow-motion footage will likely do further damage. Kole Calhoun Angels Jersey . Phoenix got injured centre Emeka Okafor and a top-12-protected first-round draft pick in 2014 -- giving the rebuilding Suns potentially four choices in the opening round. The Suns also sent guards Kendall Marshall, Shannon Brown and Malcolm Lee to Washington so the deal will work financially. Mike Trout Jersey .C. -- Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has been ruled out for Sundays game against the Atlanta Falcons. http://www.baseballangelslockroom.com/zack-cozart-angels-jersey/ . It all would have been for naught, however, had it not been for some clutch shooting in the fourth quarter by Kobe Bryant and a couple of equally critical hustle plays by Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol in the final minutes. Zack Cozart Jersey . At quarterback, all agree that Andy Dalton has been a wonderful surprise, but to truly progress he has to play his best in the playoffs. The two losses in the wildcard rounds keep the evaluation on Dalton open -- just like it did for Peyton Manning many years ago and Matt Ryan until last year. Cody Allen Jersey . Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost .BEAVER CREEK, Colo. -- Ted Ligety turned in a flawless final run to win a fourth straight World Cup giant slalom race, edging U.S. teammate Bode Miller. Ligety completed the technical course in a two-run combined time of 2 minutes, 35.77 seconds on Sunday, eclipsing Miller by 1.32 seconds. Marcel Hirscher of Austria was third. Moments after Miller took the lead with a hard-charging pass through the course, Ligety thrilled the capacity crowd in Beaver Creek, Colorado, with a furious run of his own, leaning across the finish line. Its the first time the Americans have placed two skiers on a GS podium since 2005, when Miller and Daron Rahlves went 1-2. "To share the podium with Bode is awesome. But Im a little surprised, actually," said Ligety, who also became the first to capture four straight World Cup GS races since Italys Alberto Tomba accomplished the feat in 1991. "It was impressive how he was able to bring his intensity up and put down some impressive runs. Thats cool to be able to have another American guy challenging me up there." While everyone else tries to emulate Ligetys giant slalom style -- so smooth and effortless -- Miller is taking a different road. Hes skiing the way he skis and just seeing what happens. Hes not a follower, never has been, something Ligety appreciates. "If you try to copy somebodys technique, youre going to be several steps behind them all the time," Ligety said. "Because nobody does it better than the original. You have to make it your own thing." Miller definitely does at that. When Miller stepped into the starting gate for his final run, his wife, Morgan, could barely watch the big screen. As he manoeuvred through the course, she jumped up and down, along with the capacity crowd. And when he finished, she threw her arms up in the air while Bode Miller waved his ski pole, before stabbing it in the snow. "Hes back," Morgan Miller said. Yep, he sure is. To think, there were those who told him hed never be a good technical skkier again, that he should stick to the speed events.ddddddddddddThis performance, Miller said, was for all those who doubted him as he recovered from what couldve been a career ending knee surgery nearly 22 months ago. "A little bit of redemption today, to show that Im coming back in GS," Miller said. "I think I can do slalom, too. Im so skinny now, all aerodynamic and snappy, to be able to ski four events the way I like to do it." To trim down 20 pounds, Miller worked with trainer Gavin MacMillan, whose clients also include boxer Manny Pacquiao. Miller and MacMillan are trying to get that knee back into shape without weights, but with more of a plyometric approach using elastic bands. So far, it appears to be working. Not that MacMillans surprised. "Youre talking about one of the more elite athletes in the world," MacMillan said. "It was more about finding that again than trying to create it. I knew once we got the power back in his legs, it was only a matter of getting his timing back. "Once he got his timing back, hes right back to where he was, because you cant take 20 years of that away." Hirscher was a little in awe of being next to Miller on the podium. After all, the reigning overall champion grew up with posters of Miller on his wall. "This is really cool," Hirscher said. "But it would be cooler if Bode was third and with me in second." This day started well for Miller as he communicated via Skype with his young son from another relationship. Right after the race, he was scheduled to fly to New York for a custody hearing Monday involving his son -- the 9-month-old childs legal name is Samuel Bode after his father, but Miller calls him Nathaniel. The mother, Sara McKenna, currently has custody of the child in New York. "We know someday were going to get to a really good place with this. Were really positive and excited," Morgan Miller said. "Its a process. But were having a great time. Life is good." ' ' '

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