Each and every year the NFL is filled with changes.

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These changes occur through teams drafting new players into the league http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.com/authentic-marquise-blair-jersey , and also through free agency and trades during the offseason. The amount of player movement and new coaches and coaching staffs being put in place contribute to where a team is expected to finish once the season has ended. A lot of these changes play a part in where these teams finish in the standings, and the league is constantly seeing new teams make the playoffs every year.NFL teams as a result of changes made in the offseason and their overall play throughout the course of the season are either going to impress while on the field or they are going to struggle. The teams that consistently make the playoffs every year are almost always impressive from a football fans perspective. Some of the teams that struggle throughout the course of a season have been struggling because of poor decisions made by the front office, but other struggling teams are a surprise. These surprises are teams that have been good as early as last season but just do not have a good year for reasons specific to how their team is aligned. September has rolled around, there’s a chill in the air, and most importantly for sports fans – the NFL is really T.J. Hockenson Jersey , truly back! Sure everyone’s been enjoying the preseason, but it’s just not the same – the pre season doesn’t have the same stakes, and for the majority of the preseason, a team’s best players aren’t even on the field, as they’re being saved for the regular season. The regular season is where the excitement is and it’s finally upon us.Football fans likely spent the entirety of Sunday Jahlani Tavai Jersey , and a large portion of Monday evening, with their eyes glued to the screen as play after play unfolded. There were surprises in rookies that performed better than anyone would have anticipated, and old pros perhaps not measuring up to fans’ hopes. There were poorly executed plays and plays that went far, far better than anyone thought they were going to go. If you’re a die-hard fan of a particular team, you may have spent the jam-packed Sunday slots tuned to only one game Will Harris Jersey , in which case you potentially missed a lot of memorable moments happening in other games. Even if you’re just a general football fanatic, in the act of flipping between six or seven games at a time you’re bound to miss moments.Week one was everything that NFL fans had hoped for, and the memorable moments from it are as diverse as the fans watching them. Some moments are merely a spot in the week's flurry of activity to shine for certain players, from seasoned veterans like Matt Ryan to fresh rookies like Allen Hurns. Some were truly unpredictable plays, split seconds of a game where something either went wrong or went right to produce a moment worthy of repeating on any highlight reel.Here are ten of the best moments from week one.

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