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Everywhere in my life is the classroom. At that time, I learned something, but I also lost a lot of faces.The room with the lights and lights is dazzling, and the lively conversation makes the air a lie enjoyable. The rice scented, and I couldn't help but swallow, and I didn't feel anything about it. On this day, my uncle��s birthday, our big family gathered for him to celebrate. After more than half an hour of cruel suffering, the food was served on the table, I can't wait to rush to the dinner table, my eyes glow, like a hungry wolf! The saliva has been left for three thousand feet. How can you not eat too much? Everyone was on the floor, the adults were pulling on their homes, and the children were talking about it. I kept talking about food for a while, and my mother was tearing my clothes and saying Cigarettes For Sale, "Today��s uncle��s birthday, give him a birthday!�� I��m thinking about it, a few children will come up with a string. Geely, adults have praised. It��s coming to me, it��s over! I didn't think about it! I had to bite the scalp, somehow, I took a sentence: "Fu as the East China Sea, Shoubi Nanshan!" On the table for a second, even began to ridicule. He looked at his uncle and joked: "See you! People are too old for you!" The laughter came and went Marlboro Lights, but I didn't respond. Mom pulled me aside and smiled: "That is your uncle, not grandfather!" I looked at her confusedly: "I know!" She still didn't understand when she saw me Marlboro Red, and asked: "You talk about these two. The meaning of idioms!" I thought: "Blessings are as big as the East China Sea, and their life span is longer than that of Nanshan..." I said to myself, my mother was helpless: "Think with my brain!" I suddenly understood, and I shot a thigh. I am so confused, this is obviously for the elderly to celebrate the birthday! It seems that I will have a longer brain in the future. When my mother saw me, I realized that I couldn��t smile. I said, "You must have learned nothing in your language!" "Hey! Who said it! I am just not very flexible. Although everyone is not in the heart, my uncle seems to like this message. But I think it is a shameful shame, I can't wait to find a place to sneak down. I learned the important techniques of using idioms, remembered to use them, and used them to be arrogant. It seems that I have to learn to use my mind and use it flexibly. The language class - how to use idioms? The most important thing is to be flexible! No wonder I am ugly, because I was given the name of the mother - "big stupid cow"!

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