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Running back Melvin Gordon is heading into the fifth year of his rookie deal with the Chargers , so he won’t be hitting the free agent market this offseason.He will be paying close attention to developments on that front. Gordon has talked about his desire to stay with the Chargers beyond the end of his current contract, but he said on Wednesday that he’s watching to see what kind of deal Le'Veon Bell signs this offseason before moving forward with any deal of his own.“I’m waiting. I’m sitting back waiting, waiting on Bell,” Gordon told NFL Media, via the . “I’m glad it’s changing because we [running backs] were getting devalued for a little bit. But me Josh Oliver Jersey , David Johnson, Todd Gurley, I can go down a whole list, Bell, you name it , ‘Zeke,’ just game-changers, Alvin Kamara, all those guys.”Johnson and Gurley didn’t wait for Bell to sign a long-term deal before signing extensions with their teams. If Bell doesn’t get significantly more than those two players, the tides may not rise for the other backs as much as Gordon seems to hope they will. The Eagles haven’t decided (or just haven’t told us) whether Carson Wentz is going to play in the preseason opener Thursday.Wentz Ryquell Armstead Jersey , for his part, doesn’t seem to care.The Eagles quarterback gave the most tepid endorsement possible of the possibility of playing Thursday, which coach Doug Pederson hasn’t said he’d do or not.“Preseason’s helpful, but I don’t think it’s a necessity,�? Wentz said , via Reuben Frank of “No matter how much I’m out there I’ll be confident in Week One. . . .“I think a little bit is helpful. But it’s definitely never needed.”That’s probably a universal sentiment, though you’d understand why the Eagles might want to get him some time during an exhibition game, if not Thursday’s against the Titans.Wentz didn’t play at all during last year’s preseason while rehabbing his knee, and while he missed the end of last season with his back injury, there’s no apparent problem there.“It’s his decision Christian Wilkins Jersey ,�? Wentz said of Pederson. “I’ll be ready either way. Whenever it is we get out there I’ll be ready and I’m excited for it.”Excited. Or something.

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