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Fitness is a journey and each of our lives are comprised of stories that chart the ups and downs of our individual quests to reach our goals. By sharing they empower others by example ? they feature real people, doing real exercises ? facing the issues that life throws at us and working through them a day at a time. The channel has over 919 thousand subscribers and over 423 million views.

Fine Art-Tips

The channel owner Leonardo Pereznieto publishes weekly YouTube video tutorials giving tips and techniques to an audience of over 915 Thousand subscribers (“Fine Art-Tips?in English, and “Arte Divierte?in Spanish). His work has a life-like quality, which is nevertheless full of Adidas ZX 700 Mujer imagination and fancy; a delicate sensual touch; a passionate sense of the spirituality of earthly existence.

Leonardo Pereznieto has exhibited his work in Nike Air Max 1 Femme many prominent museums and galleries including the cities of Florence, London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Nice, Frankfurt, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico Nike Air Presto Damen City. And has delivered over fifty lectures all over the world, including the New York Academy of Art, the Wharton Club of NY, the Celebrity Centers in Florence and London, the University of Michigan, and the Kharkov State University in Ukraine.

Home Made Modern

Home Made Modern is your online design source that shares design ideas with the hopes of inspiring you to make more of the things you own. They introduce ideas that aren’t just about acquiring objects, but about managing resources in a way that’s useful and accommodates changing lifestyles.

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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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