The red sunset, whe

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The red sunset, when it rises again, the dead leaves of winter, sometimes when it is green again; the person who fails, also has the time to climb again. Looking at the misty and misty eyes, the autumn wind is bleak, and my eyes can't help but look sad. "Next time, you can do better." This sentence, for a long time, circled around my ears and echoed in my heart. Holding a math test paper with only more than 70 points in his hand, he was very anxious and confused. I cried with red eyes, standing in front of you, I lowered my head very low, very low, I was ready for a storm like a drop, but did not expect you to say to me: "Next time, you can do Better. "I was thinking, can a failed person climb from the falling abyss, and believe that his unknown road is actually blossoming, and then firmly say to himself: Next time, what I can do Is it better? A few months ago, our family moved to the door of a family. There is a girl who is 4 years younger than me. Every day I can see her bright smile. You said that there must be something to appreciate and learn from her. What is the light of the sun illuminating the treetops, the birds of dawn let go of their singing voices, and sing gently. She wears white clothes and black leather shoes. In his hand is a small wooden house built with building blocks, a small and exquisite competition. She saw me and ran over. Her black leather shoes stepped on the ground with the cheerful note of "Dada". "Sister, look!" She shouted, lifting the cabin high with her small hand Newport Cigarettes. At that moment, she saw her feet shaking, her body swaying, her head tilted, her hands loose, and she sat on the ground. I was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly picked her up. She supported me with one hand and supported the other on the ground Parliament Cigarettes, stood up swaying, looked at the broken wooden house in front of her eyes, and cried. I panicked and didn't know what to say and what to do. That sentence, once again, awakened me at a loss, and I said to her in a hurry: "It's okay, we will do it again. Next time, you can do better." A few days later, she knocked on The door of my house. Her clear eyes were filled with joy, her cheeks were ruddy, and the corners of her mouth were raised: "Sister, I did it." She held out a first prize certificate from behind. He smiled and said, "Thank you sister, your words encouraged me." Obviously, she is very happy, and at this moment, the person who is happier than her is me. Isn't that what I want to learn from her? Don't be afraid of failure, always have a good heart. Looking back, the one who was full of fear and confusion about the unknown road because of the fall has already walked out in secret; looking at the future, I really want to spread my wings. Maybe, one morning in summer, you can see me smiling in the sun. Yes, I learned to believe that I fell and stood up again. Next time, you can do better Cigarettes Online.
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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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