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The cool autumn wind rolled up the dead leaves scattered all over the place, and then let go, letting the dead leaves turn into a residual dish, and then fell in despair. The trembling dead leaves of the branches were finally unable to withstand the temptation of the wind, breaking free of the mother's hand and throwing into the arms of the earth. If you left, you can't go back at all ... one walked quietly on the long-depressed path Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and suddenly heard a series of clear laughter in your ear, turned your head, and looked at the chase by the pond The playful figure, the afterglow shed by the residual sun, coated them with a warm orange, just like a photo that had been yellowed ... Once upon a time, we ran and laughed like that. You said you would take me to climb every mountain and explore caves; you said you would take me to catch fish in the creek and take me to go boating; you said you would go to watch the sunrise and sunset with me, you said ... you I remember what I said, but you wo n��t show up again, you wo n��t take my hand anymore, and you smile gently at me. I still remember that day, the little glory of the sun could not drive away any coldness, you early Came to my house and took my hand with my face and said mysteriously: "Go, I will take you to a place." I was aroused by curiosity but I didn't find that your cold hands were no longer warm Carton Of Cigarettes. You dragged me to run and laugh on the field path, the wind waggled through the sound of flowing water in your flying hair, the bottom of the clear stream was odd-shaped pebbles, and the fish ran leisurely between the stones, The rattan that fell down from the mountainside was like a green waterfall, and occasionally one or two crisp birdsongs came from the valley. You smiled and said to me Parliament Cigarettes, "How are you, beautiful?" You in the sun, with a warm smile on your face, the wind raising your hair, your skirt corner, will actually give me a kind of you The illusion that the next moment will go with the wind. The heart tightened suddenly. That day, we stayed in that valley for a long time. You held my hand tightly and traversed the valley. We climbed to the tree to watch the newly born birds, ran to the creek to catch small fish, and looked in the grass. Cricket ... When the sun is sinking slowly and only half of your face is exposed, you suddenly say excitedly: "Look, beautiful sunset, will we come here to watch the sunset tomorrow?" I am also happy Nodded and said well, you in the afterglow did not let me find your pale face. That night, I accidentally heard from your mother that you are sick, very serious, and you must leave here immediately. After I heard it, I hurriedly chased and ran out. On the road you often dragged me to run It was just that the car shadow who had gone away agreed upon it. I came, and the sunset was really beautiful and beautiful, and it made me want to cry, but I could n��t, because you said you did n��t like me crying. The silent valley echoed our laughter as if it were only yesterday. One or two birds occasionally glanced in the blue sky. On the white clouds, are you smiling at me. The wind is sliding over my fingertips, are you holding my hand

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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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