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Today, we are going on a spring tour. Early in the morning I came to Qilin Park with great excitement. We lined up and walked into Qilin Park under the leadership of the teacher. The breeze blew through, and a faint fragrance of green grass entered my body with my breath, and I felt relaxed and happy. In front of me was a dark green, light green and tender green leaves, surrounded by all kinds of green, I couldn't help marveling at the exquisite painting skills of nature. On the right are a few older sisters practicing dance skills, and in front there are a group of energetic grandparents dancing square dance. Then we visit the weather station. Under the explanation of the weather station, I know the name of the equipment inside, what anemometer, white leaf box Marlboro Red, as well as ground humidity, sunshine meter, etc. These instruments are used to measure and record Weather related data. For example, when does it rain and when does it rain, the wind direction is several levels, how much is the lowest temperature in a day, what is the highest and so on. I suddenly realized that the weather forecast came from here Online Cigarettes. From the weather station, we came to Happy Dam to play games. The teacher sent two balloons to each of us. Let's blow the balloons around our ankles. In the end, the winner is the one whose balloon is intact. As soon as the voice fell, I heard a loud noise of "Boom". Everyone looked at the sound. The balloon of a female student turned out. The teacher said: "You have lost a balloon before the game started. "The students laughed. The game started, everyone flew apart like a group of cheerful birds, some three groups, five groups of students who attacked Shandan. Some male students attacked vulnerable female students. I was scouting the battle situation. When I was about to attack, three classmates suddenly rushed over, stepped on my balloon and stepped on it. I quickly evaded their attacks like a monkey. Not far in front of the two students twisted together like a wrestling athlete Newport Cigarettes, I crept to their side and effortlessly slammed their balloons. This should be the so-called praying mantis catching the cicada, the cardinals are behind! They are like a deflated ball-they will collapse at once, and I laughed. Just when my wish was formed, I heard two loud noises, and when I looked back, my two balloons had already been gloriously sacrificed. I looked at the wreckage of balloons on the ground, and my heart shattered. The sky suddenly dimmed, and a sense of desolation rose around. I watched the two classmates who stepped on the balloon burst into laughter, but I wanted to cry without tears. The game ended in the teacher's whistle. Then the teacher took us to the labyrinth. This is an elusive building. The tortuous passages in it are very complicated, and we often encounter "the road is not clear". But do n��t be afraid. All roads lead to Rome. As long as you are calm and calm, you will never be trapped in it forever. Time passes quickly. Today ��s activity in the blink of an eye is near the end. Left the unicorn park
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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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