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A stretch of road can't stop until it reaches the end. The spring in the garden, the green grass everywhere, the surprise or the downcast, all the existence has nothing to do with me. Life is in a hurry, all are passers-by, and so am I. Only by constantly advancing can you get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery in your dreams, even if you glance at it. Looking to your home grown up from childhood, full of laughter and laughter; thinking about how you once sat on a hill and looking at the moonlight; listening to the poems you recited in the rushing years; listening to the wind blowing your strings on the journey The story of footprints may happen, at a certain moment, the beauty of the patchwork, although sad, but not sad, although the heart is sad, but there is no slight chill; but there is also a moment, the fantasy is broken, the heartbreaking picture continues to come to mind , Along the way, weather-stricken, struggling, but drinking again and again drinking the cup of bitter wine, but also at this moment, can only touch the deep feelings in my heart, the most real memory of dreams in the past life, joy, sorrow, I have tasted all kinds of hardships, deep in your eyes, there is a trace of perceptible fear, the loneliness of late autumn or the winter snow, the crow howling? The moonlight spills over the ground, the attic, the heart is filled with acacia, boudoir The dust is everywhere, wipe away the vicissitudes, the dust seals the fate of the past and present life, regret, hate, and the previous life is incomplete. If I restart now, can the intermittent story between you and me be able to leave the scene perfectly, without regrets? The marriage in the attic of the previous life, my unsolicited come, do you accept it, stay in the memory and remember the past; and will it stay in me For a moment, blow away everything left behind, the silk seal is unrecognized, the falsification of the marriage is unsuccessful, and suddenly add a little accident ... Is the strange girl in the bosom of the girl, is it hard for you to fall asleep, maybe because of inadvertently? , You and I continue the frontier? If the years allow me to come back to the rivers and lakes Marlboro Lights, and hold the sword, I will certainly be at the time of my first encounter, and let me wield a sword like a rainbow, and there is an intoxicating fragrance around my fingers. Although he glanced at it, he went deep into the bone marrow and remembered that day, the snow was flying, watching the Fangliang Gully, and the story left was gone, just like the road when the eyes came. On the mountain under Baixue, picking up a clean stop translation, I am independent of the sword in Baixue, and you are dancing in Baixue. When you reach the top of the mountain, where your eyes are, the mountains and rivers are like ice sculptures telling stories of vicissitudes. You and I are facing the wind and snow, telling each other's stories, and occasionally smiling with a smile, comforting the beauty of the past, and missing the years. After the sunlight reappeared Marlboro Red, waved away from the strange and familiar city Newport Cigarettes Coupons, everything went to nothing. From now on, erase the traces, just say goodbye to the old age, squander the years, read the stories you and I used to have, there must be prose I wrote, the poetry you wrote, we seem to be the same as before.
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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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