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Everyone has their own way to go, maybe bright and beautiful, or plain ... can't replicate, there are some ordinary people living in a corner of the city. They are walking their own way, never looking back ... and finally walked on the way home with their tiredness after school. "Sell rice dumplings! Sell rice dumplings! Hot rice dumplings!" The voice seemed to be enchanted by magic, pushing my devil to the stall. I couldn't help but say "really fragrant." It is an old man who sells rice bags. His eyes are like the bright moon in the sky. There are wrinkles in the corners of the eyes that outline the vicissitudes of time. "Do you want to buy a rice bag?" I said, "Well, I want a rice bag." "Little girl, are you out of school?" He said kindly, and I nodded. After a while, the hot steamed rice bun was handed over to my hand, and the bite was filled with a fragrant mouth. My parents are very busy and I do n��t have time to take care of me. In this way, I have become friends with the old man who have nothing to say. He puzzled me and made my view of the world more complete. Unintentionally, I learned that the old man had a daughter. His daughter wanted to take him to live in a big city, but he refused, saying that he was older and did not want to go back and forth. In fact, the uncle missed his daughter very much, but did not want to increase her burden. Perhaps this is also the heart of the world's parents. Old man, he is my friend Parliament Cigarettes, my loved one, and even my teacher. He often taught me to study hard and find a decent and easy job in the future, and do n��t be looked down upon like him. I said, "Do you regret doing this job?" The old man said, "I don't regret telling the truth, because I think I am very fulfilling. Although I can't earn a few dollars, but he is clean, and I made it myself. It will make me feel very fulfilled. Everyone has different values ??in this world. Some people are big bosses and live a peaceful life. It is always he who looks down on others. I Although at the bottom of the society, I am very fulfilled and happy, everyone has their own ordinary way to go, and everyone has its value. So, I am very happy "But, the good times will not be long, we will not meet again . The city has begun to strengthen management and does not allow arbitrary stalls. This incident opened an insurmountable gap between me and the old man. I searched for the old man several times, but all that was left was a burst of autumn wind. I think, do everyone despise writing a simple career? Although grass-roots work is not decent, it is also an indispensable occupation in life Cheap Cigarettes. Who's job is not to feed the family? The cleaners are also the bottom jobs, but without them, can we live in such a clean environment? That day, as usual, I went to the old place, but I saw nothing. I stood for a long time just to wait for the old man to come, because he would not miss the appointment, one minute, two minutes, two minutes ... Finally, I saw a figure on the delivery side, it was him, holding in his hand A bunch of things. I take a closer look at the rice dumplings mokingusacigarettes.com. He came slowly and handed me the rice bag in his hand. Little girl, you do n��t have to wait here for me in the future. The city management will not let you twitch, and I will leave in a few days. "After finishing talking, he turned away. His back was still so warm, but the bleak wind was especially sad. Will I not see the old man in the future? I couldn't help but a chill in my heart, an old man struggled for his family In my life, I did n��t enjoy the right to happiness in the end. Is life so sad? The same feeling of sadness I remembered a passage he once said: Life is a way to walk without turning back and out of the ordinary. Of
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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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