Life is like a flat boat

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Life is like a flat boat, sailing in the vast sea, different journeys have created different fruits. Sailing for faith, only to make dreams no longer illusions. ����Inscriptions At first, people always love to indulge in the torrent of fantasy, and their dreams of self-restraint are confined in the silent atrium. I am like a crowd of tens of millions, and I always like fantasy when I am young. Because I am the master in the fantasy world. I want to do whatever I want in the kingdom of fantasy, and do whatever I want. But when I returned to real life, the burden of learning and life was so overwhelming that I was so upset when I saw that learning was like seeing an enemy. Until one day, my mother came to me and smiled calmly. : "Child, mother wants to ask you a question today. Do you know why so many disabled people have to stick to their dreams even without basic health?" I shook my head honestly, and my mother touched my head and said: "That's because they have dreams, maybe their dreams can't do anything for this society but the dreams guide the direction of his progress Carton Of Cigarettes. The difference between Lulu people and animals is that people are not just for survival Living people also have responsibilities, feelings, and dreams. If a person has no dreams, what is the difference between him and an animal? Lulu thinks about this problem and thinks about her dream. Mom ca n��t help you forever Accompanying you, it is impossible to rely on others forever in your life to go by yourself. "After that, Mom left at a gentle pace. At that moment my heart seemed to be fiddled with the strings Newport Cigarettes, and it trembled with a "bang". I suddenly understood something, so I didn't say a word. Just walked quietly to the balcony. I held the railing and thought for a long time in silence. Finally, I suddenly wanted to understand, and at that moment my dream germinated in my young heart. I shouted loudly against the dark night sky: I have dreams, dreaming of being an excellent writer one day to bring happiness to people and happiness to people. Have you decided to explore on the road of life , The guiding lamp in my heart shone slightly on the dark road. Students, don't stop your pace, success requires a fierce chase; students don't admit defeat, only after a dark night will a new day begin, and a rainbow will appear after a long rain. Remember, success is in every next step, and failure is the most educational book in the world! Use sweat to irrigate the fruits of life Online Cigarettes, enrich your own thoughts with rich knowledge, enrich your faith with firm steps, sail for dreams, and create a new tomorrow for hope!
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