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For the second-straight season Xavier Woods Color Rush Jersey , the Dallas Cowboys limped into their bye week one game below .500 at 3-4. In the Jason Garrett-era, only three times have the Cowboys been below .500 at the bye, with 2015 being the lost season that nobody likes to talk about. Even last season, after losing back-to-back games to the Rams and Packers, the Cowboys followed up that 2-3 start with a 7-4 finish. Now, 9-7 still wasn’t enough to make the playoffs but the team hopes that they can salvage this season. At least, that’s clearly what message they are trying to send after their bye week moves.The Cowboys seemingly spent the last week making self-evaluations and correcting their missteps from the offseason. Starting with trading for Amari Cooper, the Cowboys clearly worked on fixing their mistake of thinking they didn’t need a top receiving threat. We already determined that out of all potential parties of interest, they made the right call with Cooper. There are arguments to be made about what it cost to make that correction but they view the 24-year-old as a cornerstone player for the foreseeable future.The latest move, the firing of offensive line coach Paul Alexander, isn’t all that surprising. It’s another correction on an early error to pair him with an offensive line that didn’t jive with his technical teachings. This line was a mess on the road, committing countless penalties, doubling their sacks allowed, and one communication breakdown after the other. La’el Collins seemed to be the most-affected by technique changes and already accrued eight penalties in seven games. The All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith hasn’t looked the part though he’s healthier than year’s past. The pedigree https://www.dallascowboysfanshop.com/Larry-Allen-Jersey , the talent level of the players, and their previous accomplishments pointed the finger at Alexander. The Cowboys will ride with familiarity plus past success in Marc Colombo and adviser Hudson Houck.Again, it’s about salvaging this season because they believe that there is an opportunity to turn things around. The Jones family have made these swift changes to put the coaching staff and players in the best position to dig themselves out. The question though is how plausible are their goals? It’s highly likely that this season is playoffs or bust for the coaching staff, at least that’s what these moves suggest. At 3-4, the Cowboys haven’t been read their last rights or anything but it’s going to take quite a steep climb. Dallas is currently the 12th seed in the NFC, they have three losses to current NFC playoff teams. Six of their remaining nine games will be against NFC teams currently seeded above them. They really only have one way to get in and that’s win the division because the wildcards are likely coming from the NFC West and NFC South. The Cowboys got no help this weekend either as Washington took a two-game lead and the Eagles also got a win. The two games with Philadelphia as well as the home rematch with Washington loom large. At the same time, they need to find a way to win against the Falcons and Buccaneers, who both currently have tie-breakers over them. Unless teams in their division unravel around them, the Cowboys will need to go 7-2 over the next two months.The good news is that they only have four games remaining against a Top-10 team in total defense. The bad news is that three of those four games are divisional contests that they need to finish 2-1 in. The other is this Monday night against a struggling Titans team. Three of the Cowboys four losses are to Top-10 teams in total defense. The pressure is on this Cowboys offense to produce more consistently because their three wins were against scoring offenses that rank 23rd, 25th, and 29th in points. Coming up this team will go toe-to-toe with three Top-10 scoring offenses, but thankfully the Cowboys defense keeps them in every game.The Cowboys hope that they have exercised their demons over this layoff and are ready to make up some ground. First, they need to see their five guys up front play much better than what we saw in the past seven games. Secondly, if Amari Cooper is who they believe he is Bob Lilly Jersey , expect this passing offense to see improvements. If they improve in the passing game, the entire offense will benefit, especially Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. That’s a lot of ‘ifs’ for these Cowboys but a lot can happen around the NFL in nine weeks of football. TheCowboys front office deserves a little praise for being aggressive in admitting the mistakes and quickly looking for corrections. However, you can’t help but question if these midseason changes will be enough to overcome the early deficit, and more importantly, the obstacles ahead. You can never have enough pass rush"Miller also does a good job with his hands when engaging blockers. His long arms (35 1/8” long) allow for him to get great extension against linemen, and his high motor keeps his feet active to get good leverage. Miller is quick with his arms, shooting out to stun the blocker and drive them back. Furthermore, Miller also knows how to break free and disengage from the lineman, either to move around him or get after the runner. To that end, Miller also has an impressively deep repertoire of pass rushing moves. It seems as if he knows every single move in the book, and he’s mindful to employ all the different moves with enough frequency to keep opposing tackles guessing. The issue here is that while Miller has a deep set of moves, he’s not always fundamentally sound in executing his moves. At times, he can play outside of himself and get a bit crazy Jay Novacek Color Rush Jersey , which allows for tackles to handle him easier. Miller wasn’t used in run defense too much, as the Crimson Tide sought to utilize his pass rushing skills as much as possible, but Miller looks good against the run. Just as he uses his length and active hands in pass rushing, Miller is able to get off blocks rather cleanly. It’s hard to tell just how good he is at processing plays and diagnosing where the ball is going, given his low usage as a traditional linebacker, but Miller has the athleticism and lateral agility to move around the field. Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty ImagesMiller isn’t the most refined tackler, and the angles he takes aren’t always ideal, but he brings a lot of power behind him when he goes in for the tackle. In the open field, Miller probably can’t be relied on too much as the sole tackler, but coming off the edge that’s rarely the case. Still, Miller has some good short area quickness to where he could be more than just an edge rusher. In fact, the Cowboys might be looking at Miller the way they once looked at Kyle Wilber, which to say a linebacker/defensive end hybrid. Miller has the size and quickness to hold down a serviceable role as a SAM linebacker in base packages and switch to defensive end in pass rushing downs. However, unlike Wilber https://www.dallascowboysfanshop.com/Bill-Bates-Jersey , Miller has much more athleticism, pass rushing prowess, and burst off the line of scrimmage. If the Cowboys were to take Miller, regardless of how they plan to use him, he’d be able to carve out a role early on in rushing the passer in sub packages. If Dallas also likes him as a linebacker in base formations, he’d form a nice trio with Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith as well. Regardless, Miller is a tantalizing prospect that could significantly improve the Cowboys defense. If they want him, they might have to use pick 58 to get him, as players with the kind of pass rushing skills as Miller don’t tend to last too long.

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