Bears DE Akiem Hicks rated No. 39 upon NFL Greatest 100 checklist

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2018 was the calendar year that Akiem Hicks at some point obtained the reputation a great number of felt he deserved.Just after quietly currently being a solution catalyst inside of the turnaround of the Bearsprotection, Hicks was called toward his initially Expert Bowl after closing period. Already, as he heads into the 2019 year, he can incorporate yet another very first towards his rsum: No. 39 upon the 2019 NFL Best 100 record.Hicks done the yr with 7.5 sacks, 55 tackles, 12 tackles for a reduction, 16 quarterback hits, and a few compelled fumbles; having said that, his have an effect on goes past the stat sheet. The 6-foot-5, 332-pound defensive lineman is a stress of mother nature who brings together vitality, pace, procedure, and intelligence towards grow to be a person of the most straightforward inner defenders inside the league. He is potent at the place of assault, and he is competent of stuffing holes as a function defender and behind back again blockers. He consists of an very long assortment of hand strategies as a go rusher and excels at getting to be leverage and taking part in with his body weight under him. For a person as gargantuan as he James Vaughters Jersey, Hicks on top of that fires off the snap with revolutionary explosiveness, manufacturing him a nightmare for opposing groups in direction of block.Hicks is the to start with Bears inside defensive lineman toward create the listing simply because its incarnation within 2011. He is additionally the 1st defensive lineman towards create the record for the reason that Julius Peppers intended it as an gain rusher in just Chicago previous 4-3 plan inside of 2013.

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