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Two Things (Maybe Three):

1) Over the course of this on-line training series Wholesale Christopher Tanev Jersey , you will uncover ideas and formulas, that I dare say, you have never seen before.

Let this first training letter be an example. You'll see and you will uncover ideas and Networking antidotes that are typically reserved, only for "Senior" FT $25,000 per month super-recruiters.

2) The second thing you will uncover, is that to break out of that traditional work-at-home mindset on something for nothing will require you to treat your home business like a REAL business. You will have to invest in yourself.

People Pay $40 Wholesale Michael Del Zotto Jersey ,000 to $75,000 For Almost Nothing

The training you are about to dig into was not written or intended for brand new people who haven't climbed up into the $2,000+ monthly income bracket.

Those types, the "newbies" and sophomore beginners probably would read what you are about to, and scratch their heads asking, "How is this going to translate to me making money." However Wholesale Bo Horvat Jersey , it's not better leads that ultimately makes Networkers become FT mega-watt check earners. It's not even their companies products.

If it was, everyone with killer products would be making a FT income in this industry. Instead, it is those who UNDERSTAND and know people.

Consider this. "Become the right kind of person and you begin to attract the right kinds of people."

It is people with INSIGHT into how people think. INSIGHT on how to motivate and lead people, it is those people, and only those people, who ultimately take a killer product and good lead sources Wholesale Brock Boeser Jersey , and recruit other super-winners.

Now then, with that said, let me speak to you, the advanced Networker.

The PROBLEM with (I said problem) with the "average" Networker is that they are FT employees trying to pretend they are entrepreneurs about to create an extra $50,000 to $100,000 per year annual income.

I should know Wholesale Henrik Sedin Jersey , I know what it is like to have a downline that does a Million a month in sales. I know what it is like to have people front-line earning $10,000+ per month.

Yup. I have been there, bought the T-Shirt and "done that." So listen up.

The problem is that most of the people we (we as an industry) are speaking to are employee minded people. People, bless their little white socks and employee badges linked around their necks, people who are used to being taken care of, burped and people unaccustomed to RISK.

This is why business owners Wholesale Daniel Sedin Jersey , people who know what it is like to RISK money and people who are more prone to living on the edge, this is why THOSE kinds of people usually make the big FT income in this industry.

Here is how the "employee" minded Networker thinks and speaks.

I am not a risk taker.

If I don't make my money back quick, I am going to quit this deal.

I won't recruit friends and family. That might embarrass me.

I want to earn $5,000 a month with as little investment as possible.

Now sit back and think. How many people have you spoken to like that over the past thirty days?

Admit it. We both speak to people like that all the time.

Try this.

Do this.

This will help you.

I want you to do something. And if you will do [this] you will be blown away and walk away with a much deeper appreciation for this industry.

Please go grab a local newspaper of yours. One of the big ones.

From there, I want you to locate in the paper, where the business opportunities are. I want you to NOTICE how much pizza shops and little convenience stores are selling for. Then I want you to spend a little time calling and investigating them. The reason is this.

I want you to see for yourself Cheap Sam Gagner Jersey , first hand, that people are selling real businesses, for twenty-five to ($75K) seventy-five THOUSAND dollars that barely break even.

I want you to see that people ACTUALLY invest $75,000 in a little store in order to sit there TWELVE (12) hours per day in order to take home a net income of $500 a week.

I then want you to 100% totally appreciate how in this business, you can net $1,000 to $5 Cheap Jay Beagle Jersey ,000 per month (first year) by investing under a grand a month in your home stay-at-home-business.

"Joe, how does this help my business?"

"Joe, who cares about Deli owners and how much they sell their businesses for?"

I'll tell you why this is such a BIG DEAL.

BECAUSE the people you are RECRUITING will NOT make you money and they will not stay with you without them investing in themselves BEYOND buying the products each month.

Imagine investing $75,000 bucks to buy a small business that turns a net profit of $25,000 a year. People do that all the time.

Now imagine being in our business and investing only $2,000 to $5 Cheap Markus Granlund Jersey ,000 in order to make that EACH MONTH.

But that's not how the conditioned "employee" mind thinks.

The little guys, the newbies, the people YOU are going to train have to realize that in America, you don't create a $40,000 to $100,000 income for FREE.

Without advertising it won't work.

Without spending $200 to $500 a month on leads.

Something for nothing doesn't work.

The next time you have a new enrollee who balks at the idea of them spending $2 Cheap Tim Schaller Jersey ,000 to "set themselves up" KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

They are the EMPLOYEE pretending to be an entrepreneur!

Their employee MIND does not understand?

I am a FT employee at a company.

I now need to CHANGE how I think and act.

I need personal development.

I need to INVEST $2,000 to set myself up. Not $50,000.

Wrath belonging toward the Lich King encounters: What can you want?

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