The Saints are primed for a big performance

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The New Orleans Saints host the Washington Redskins in one of the most exciting situations imaginable: Primetime in the Superdome.The Saints at home in primetime have been one of the better bets in the NFL far more often than not.The only thing not very exciting about this matchup is the history the Saints have against the Redskins in the Payton/Brees era Womens Alvin Kamara Jersey , where New Orleans has a 2-4 record against Washington.In those six games, both Saints victories took overtime to attain.Although it’s been a struggle against Washington in recent years, the Saints, particularly Drew Brees with another monster passing record within sight, are ready and motivated to put on a show with the world watching.It’s good to have that Saints back where they belong.Back at home in primetime, in front of a national audience.Back to their winning ways.Back to a dominant and balanced offense.Back to having Mark Ingram in the backfield.Back to the top of the NFC South.It’s certainly good to have the Saints back to their best.Who Dat!Last week I went 8-7I told you so: Ravens over Steelers!What do I know: Bucs over Bears?***WEEK 5Thursday, October 4th - Thursday Night FootballColts(1-3) at Patriots(2-2)Tom Brady owns Andrew Luck to such a degree that he needs to claim him on his tax forms.Indy’s inability to run the ball will make this one all too easy for the Pats in Foxboro.New England wins 45-20Pick: Patriots***Sunday, October 7th - Early GamesTitans(3-1) at Bills(1-3)Buffalo’s inability to pass the ball will cost them against a Tennessee squad that will grind them to dust.Tennessee wins 24-16.Pick: Titans***Falcons(1-3) at Steelers(1-2-1)Throw defenses right out the window in this one.Both quarterbacks will pile up the yardage against these atrocious defensive units.Despite all the passing we’ll see in this game, this one will ultimately come down to a last second field goal for the Atlanta win.Atlanta wins 30-27.Pick: Falcons***Broncos(2-2) at Jets(1-3)The Jets will lean on their defense here at home, but the Denver rushing attack will wear them down on the way to victory.Denver wins 24-10.Pick: Broncos***Jaguars(3-1) at Chiefs(4-0) - Game of the WeekIt’s strength on strength in Sunday’s marquee matchup as the dominant Jacksonville defense faces Patrick Mahomes and the dynamic Kansas City offense.On the other side, the atrocious Kansas City defense will have it’s hands full against a balanced and underrated Jags offense.It would stand to reason that the Jags defense would be too much for the Chiefs’ first year starting quarterback to handle Michael Thomas Saints Jersey , but don’t be surprised to see Mahomes continue his hot streak here at home in what will be a surprisingly high-scoring game.Jacksonville will keep up the pace against the KC defense, but the Chiefs will get the huge win in the end.Kansas City wins 36-30.Pick: Chiefs***Packers(2-1-1) at Lions(1-3)Aaron Rodgers will have a big day here in Motown, outshining Matthew Stafford in this one.Green Bay wins 33-14.Pick: Packers***Ravens(3-1) at Browns(1-2-1)Baltimore’s defense against Cleveland’s rushing attack will make for quite the interesting matchup in this divisional game.This one will be close throughout, but Baltimore will pull it out in the closing moments.Baltimore wins 23-20.Pick: Ravens***Giants(1-3) at Panthers(2-1)The Giants will simply have no answers for Cam Newton and the Carolina rushing attack in this one.Carolina wins 28-24.Pick: Panthers***Dolphins(3-1) at Bengals(3-1)Miami’s sheets still aren’t clean after their performance in Foxboro last week.Cincinnati, on the other hand, is still riding the wave from their fantastic win in Atlanta.Cincinnati wins 19-14.Pick: Bengals***Sunday, October 7th - Late GamesRaiders(1-3) at Chargers(2-2)Jon Gruden’s offense finally came alive last week, but now they face another dangerous offense in Los Angeles.Phillip Rivers will outgun Derek Carr in this one.Los Angeles wins 30-23.Pick: Chargers***Cardinals(0-4) at 49ers(1-3)Do we have to?Really?San Francisco wins 13-10.Pick: 49ers***Vikings(1-2-1) at Eagles(2-2)Much like their NFC Championship Game in January, Minnesota will have no answers for Philadelphia’s explosive and balanced attack.Minnesota’s ineffective running game will seal their fate once this gets into shootout mode, putting the pressure on Kirk Cousins, which will lead to Philly getting pressure on him as well.Philadelphia wins 31-17.Pick: Eagles***Rams(4-0) at Seahawks(2-2)Los Angeles will leave Russell Wilson wondering what he ever did to deserve such a beating.Los Angeles wins 31-10.Pick: Rams***Sunday Night FootballCowboys(2-2) at Texans(1-3)Houston will struggle to keep Ezekiel Elliott from dominating this game on the ground.On the other side Marcus Davenport Jersey , the Dallas defense will keep Houston from getting into a rhythm.Dallas wins 28-23.Pick: Cowboys***Monday, October 8th - Monday Night FootballRedskins(2-1) at Saints(3-1)Washington enters this game with a top-three defense and a top-five rushing game, along with an all-time Saints pest in quarterback Alex Smith.The problem for Washington here is that they won't be able to effectively run the ball with Adrian Peterson against the Saints and their league-best run defense.Once the Washington offense becomes one-dimensional and is trying to play from behind, they’ll be playing directly into the strengths of the Saints defense.As solid as the Washington defense has been in their first three games, they haven't seen anything close to what the Saints present.This is a far cry from opponents like Indy and like the last-ranked Arizona offense.The Saints are primed for a big performance on a night Drew Brees is set to make history by securing another hallowed NFL passing record.The Saints will shine in a spot they have shone so many times before, primetime in the Superdome with history on the line.It will be magnificent and the Saints will enter their bye week riding a huge wave and a four-game win streak.Saints win 42-27.Pick: Saints***There we go, Week 5 is shaping up to be pretty interesting.Drew Brees and the Saints will be embarking on history on Monday Night, and I can't wait for it to get here!Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below! An intriguing list of quarterbacks will be hitting the market in March, unless they sign new contracts. Two of them are among the best quarterbacks of all time: Tom Brady and Drew Brees.So which one would you want Alvin Kamara Jersey , if both were to hit the market and to entertain moving to new teams?We posed that question on Twitter during Tuesday’s PFT Live. So far, it’s a landslide in favor of Brees. But keep in mind that Brees currently enjoys much better offensive weaponry led by receiver Michael Thomas, along with one of the all-time great play designers and play-callers in Sean Payton.Brees moved nimbly and threw incredibly accurate on Monday night. Whether he’s in the midst of a Ponce de Leon moment or was simply feeling spry last night remains to be seen, but the guy who played on Monday looks like a guy who can keep it going at a high level for another few years.Of course, Brady possibly would look just as good if playing for the Saints, making the Saints one of the candidates to lure Brady to town, if Brees decides after the current season to call it quits.Hopefully, neither one will. This truly is a golden age for quarterbacks, with living legends still going strong and a cluster of great young quarterbacks taking over. The longer that lasts, the better off football will be.

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