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In the eyes of many people, one minute is a blink of an eye, but today's experience has completely changed my view of one minute. As soon as the class bell rang, the teacher walked into the classroom with a timer. As soon as he got on the podium, the teacher said to us: "Today, we play a game." As soon as the words fell, the students jumped three feet high. The teacher continued, "We are going to be a one-minute golden rooster independence today." Underneath, talk quietly about how to stand well. The teacher took out the timer and gave an order: "Start!" The classroom suddenly became lively, and dozens of "Golden Rooster Independence" immediately appeared. However, only two or three seconds later, the students could not stand Cigarettes Online. Some are crooked, as if they can be blown down by a gust of wind; some hands and feet are swaying, as if dancing an adapted seagrass dance; some are like Mount Tai, as if the feet have been deeply stuck under the ground ... I At the beginning, I also felt that a one-minute "Golden Rooster Independence" was simply Zhang Fei eating bean sprouts-a piece of cake Marlboro Gold. I didn't expect things to be completely opposite to what I thought. I stood quite steady in front of me, and I thought confidently: It's too simple, let me stand for one minute, and let me stand for one hour. But I only stood for a few seconds, and I felt a bit unstable. My body sometimes turned to the left and sometimes to the right. After a few more seconds, my legs stopped listening, and I just wanted to end soon, sitting in a comfortable chair. The more I want to end, the slower the time passes. The time seems to be against me. I want to hurry, and it will slow down. As if a century had passed, the teacher's timer finally rang, and some classmates shouted, "It's exhausting me!" I slumped in my chair and took a long sigh of relief. Through this experience, let me understand that it is not so easy to insist on doing one thing, even a short one minute makes me feel very long. The teacher said with a smile: "Everyone is tired, so, let's take a relaxing one and write" The Seven Laws and Long March "in one minute, to see who writes fast and well." , Want to write fast and good. The classroom was so quiet that the air seemed to freeze, and I heard only the rustle of the students writing, and only the whisper of the air conditioning. I just wrote the first sentence, the timer rang, I was very surprised, how come so fast! The students said unanimously: "Time passes too fast?" I realized that I focused on one thing and time passed very quickly. From this experience, I understand that time is so precious Parliament Cigarettes, it can As long as a century, it can become like a blink of an eye. However, although one minute is short, it can do many things. As Mr. Lu Xun said: "Time is like a sponge, as long as you want to squeeze, there will always be time.
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Описание: Описание вашего первого форума.

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